Erotic Pleasures Publishing

Erotic Pleasures Publishing is an up-and-coming imprint of Wolfpack Publishing. This new imprint was created in order to bring you the best in the erotic genres. We were formed to bring you stories full of sexual tension and passionate chemistry. As a whole, we lead where others follow in the constantly evolving digital publishing market and we are dedicated to bringing new platforms for the genres our readers and authors are embracing. Currently, we are accepting unsolicited manuscripts for erotic romance and erotica in every genre and heat level. We encourage seasoned authors as well as fresh, new authors to submit their work. Erotic Pleasures Publishing is thrilled to have one of the most author friendly contracts in the industry. We love what we do and are completely devoted to providing the best service that we can to our readers and authors. We are made up of a team of committed writers and readers, so we know what you want to see and we know how to be successful at it. If and when we choose to accept your manuscript, we will take care of everything else. Erotic Pleasures Publishing will cover the marketing plan and promotions, while also letting you as the author have your voice be heard in what you hope to see. We understand just how life-enhancing a daily serving of steamy stories about passion, power and relationships can be, and we also know how difficult they are to find. We as a team hope to find authors and readers who are dedicated to stories that stimulate the imagination. If you believe you have a manuscript that fits into the erotic genres, don’t hesitate to send us your manuscript. If we do not feel you are an exact fit for Erotic Pleasures Publishing we will steer you towards one of our sister imprints.